Welcome to Lincoln Gymnastics!


Lincoln Elite Gymnastics is a recreational gymnastics club offering the opportunity for toddlers and school age kids to participate in gymnastics. We offer recreational gymnastics and competitive gymnastics classes to kids of all ages.

Lincoln Elite Gymnastics is located in Lincoln Sports Complex (formally Abbott Sports Complex) in Northeast Lincoln.


Sabrina Lenhoff

Sabrina, LEG Owner and Head Coach

My greatest gymnastics accomplishments is capturing the 2003 Level 10 Junior Olympic National Vault Champion title, while also finishing second on bars. I was also a two-time U.S. Championships qualifier as a Junior International Elite competitor.

In 2004, I accepted a full scholarship to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where I finished out my competitive career as a Husker.

I own a gym because I love your kids! And, I love Gymnastics. I wanted to create a fun, enthusiastic place for kids to not only learn the skills in gymnastics, but to gain a positive self-imagine, boost self-confidence and learn the discipline it takes to excel in  something difficult. I aim to be a positive influencer on the lives of each kids who walks through my Gym doors, and even for the ones who just hear about your child’s story!

Alex Asay

Alex is UNL student earning her degree in Veterinary Science. Alex was a novice optional level gymnast and now she enjoys coaching gymnastics. She also spends time working at a veterinary clinic.

Megan Beals

Megan is a high school special education para. She loves working with kids and teaching gymnastics.